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RSJ Next Generation Label Printing System

"Label Printing whenever and wherever you want"

Ideal for logistics and goods management RSJ Next Generation Label Printing System brings easy creation and printing of labels containing host supplied and static data right into your browser.

Design your layouts in the Web based Label Studio and use them immediatedly.

Create, manage and print your label jobs from everywhere. Our full multilanguage and Unicode support gives you true global coverage.

Forget about configuring complex data distribution scenarios or distributing software updates to deliver a new layout.

The use of state of the art technologies allows cloud based and inhouse deployments in corporate environments of any size.

We are also offering Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) in our online RSJ ESL Shop. This labels can be easily connected with our servers (in the cloud or on premises).

Shelf and Product Labeling

ESL Professional product presentation and customer communication:

  • Attractive design
  • Optimal use of limited label space
  • Simple adaption to changing market requirements
  • Easy integration with other IT systems
  • Can use existing printers
  • Quick deployment
  • Remote Printing

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Beta Test New Label Studio

Label Studio

We are currently beta testing a new version of our Label Studio. This version is based on the latest web technologies and is much faster than the old version.

Industrial Device Integration

RSJ Next Generation Label Printing System can be integrated into your production and packaging lines:

  • Industrial Data Provisioning Interface to supply product information (eg lot numbers, expiration dates, logistics information)
  • Online Interface with printers and applicators
  • Optional interface for vision system (for QA)
  • Web based device management (data entry and display of vision data)

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Product Information

LPS NG supports a multitude of innovative features which allow usage in many different scenarios.

LPS NG can produce labels on most bitmap capable printers

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  • Web service architecture
  • No client installation required
  • Web based Label Studio
  • Unique positioning aid
  • Printer independent PDF files
  • Uses all printers with standard OS drivers
  • XML, CSV, JSON and Excel sheet support
  • No programming required
  • Python API available
  • EAN-8,-13, -128, Code-128, QR, ITF, GS1 Databar and Datamatrix 2D supported
  • Unicode Support (incl. bidirectional and Arabic)
  • Multi language support
  • OpenID Connect, OpenID and OAuth2 support
  • Supports modern browsers (IE11+, Firefox 41+, Chrome 47+)
  • Themeable whitelabel support
  • Embeddable into portals
  • Interfaces with Google Drive, Google Sheets and Google Cloud Print
  • Available in the public cloud or for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
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