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Using Google Cloud Print with Thermal Printers

Google Cloud Print (GCP) allows the use of distributed printers.


Label printing with GCP requires some special tricks to overcome some assumptions in GCP that are not always honored by thermal printers.


  1. Changes to Windows printer preferences do only effect the next print job partially. So you need to print 2 jobs to see the effect of changes.
  2. The label format defined in Windows printer preferences must be higer than wide. Increase the heights above the label height to achieve this. Set the orientation to portrait (if possible)
  3. Use the same page size in LPSNG ("Label > Label Attributes > Page > Paper Size").
  4. Adjust to the correct label size by setting a page border ("Label > Label Attributes > Page > Page Border > Bottom")
  5. Adjust LPSNG page width and left border instead (of page height and bottom border) if the label should be printed rotated.

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