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Google Sheets Add-on

Having a label system in the cloud means that

  • you have adapted to the cloud idea
  • probably use the cloud for other things too

Here our Google Sheets integration comes into play:

  • You can create your label layouts directly from Google Sheets
  • We automatically transfer the data for you (and even create a starter design)
  • You can print your labels directly from Google Sheets

The Google Sheets Add-on is also a showcase for integration possibilities of LPSNG with other systems (like ERP, goods management, etc). The Add-on is based on our web service interfaces.



You need a specific structure of your Sheet to facilitate the data transfer:

  • The first row you sheets contains the field names, one field per column (in text)
  • The others rows contain your data (one row per label)


  1. Create your Sheet with data (see above)
  2. Get our Add-on ("Add-ons > Get Add-ons..", select "Next Generation Label Printing System") or directly from this link
  3. Start the Add-on ("Add-On > Next Generation Label Printing > Start")
  4. The sidebar opens
  5. "Sign In" and grant the requested privileges
  6. "Create Design" to create a new design
  7. Select fields by clicking them
  8. Move and resize fields
  9. Edit field attributes by double clicking the field
  10. Insert new fields (like barcodes or bitmaps) from the menu
  11. Preview your design by "Run > Run"
  12. Don't forget to "File > Save" your design for future use.
  13. You can learn more about label design in our tutorial
  14. You can now close the LPSNG tab and return to Google Sheets.
  15. In the future you can simply use "Print all" or "Print selected" to create labels from all data (or only the selected rows)
  16. Your print jobs can be displayed in the "Job Queue" or (if you subscribe to the "Pro" edition) sent automatically to a printer.
  17. You can change a label design (even automatically supplying new sample data) by selecting a label design and clicking "Change design"


  • Automatic data transfer
  • Creation of label field for each field in the data
  • Preview of label designs
  • Tested by Google and released for the Google Sheets Add-on store

Video Presentation

We do have a video presentation about our Add-on.

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