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Embedded Edition

Raspberry Pi

The "Next Generation Label Printing System" offers full label design and rendering capabilities.

The modular system uses a state of the art web based user interface and produces device independent PDFs and bitmaps. Output formats that can be easily printed with nearly every printing technology.

So instead of inventing and implementing just another printer control language for your next printer consider simply using our system.

LPSNG can provide a full and rich user experience (HTML5) while running on hardware as small (and cheap) as a single board Rasberry Pi


The concept is quite simple:

  • A single board computer containing a complete LPSNG installation on a SD card
  • A web interface to control the device (including the label editor)
  • A serial or Ethernet interface to your printer
  • Your printer just needs to print bitmaps


  • Graphical Label Studio
  • Web Service Interface
  • Simple update mechanism (just replace the SD card)
  • Minimal development effort: Just provide a bitmap printing serial interface
  • Compatible with our Enterprise edition
  • The boards contain a fully functional Linux system


  • Extremely simple installation
  • You gain Ethernet support by including the board
  • WLAN support is just another cheap USB stick away


  • Raspbian


  • Rasberry Pi
  • Ethernet Interface

Integration just means mounting the board and connecting the serial and power cables.

Porting to other platforms (eg for higher throughput) can be done on request.

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