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The "Next Generation Label Printing System" can be used in packaging lines.

Here our experience can assist you especially in solving your traceability and international packaging needs.

While label design and rendering is quite the same as in other use cases, some unique challenges exist.

Multi User Support

Different users and different roles can defined.

You can define users who are only able to design labels, while others are only allowed to use labels released by an administrator.

Multi Device Support

LPSNG can support multiple packaging lines at the same time. Each line can have its own operator and can use different label templates.

Label Sizes

The system can be configured to support different label sizes and label orientations.

User Interface

LPSNG can supply a web based device control view, where the operator can

  • select label formats
  • enter job specific information (like lot numbers)
  • preview labels
  • show vision system images (if connected)

Our device control user interface can be displayed on multiple clients (for the same device) at the same time.


LPSNG produces device independent PDF files. So all design can be previewed on screen before testing in the production environment.

Lookup Tables

Sometimes product specific information is not available in the SCADA or cooperate IT environment.

LPSNG supports looking up (additional) product data in Excel sheets. These Excel tables can be viewed and modified directly in LPSNG.

Machine Interface

Packaging lines bring together products with customer orders and logistics. So interfacing to other systems is essential.


If you have a system controlling your packaging line, LPSNG can take all parameters from them. You can view (and optionally) change these parameters on our device control screen.


LPSNG can control scales (by providing check weights or taras) and take back weight results (to print on the label).


In normal label printing, the computers controls when (and what) labels are printed.

In automation control changes: Goods arrive and need a label. So the availability goods (and their status) determines the the next action.

Automation also requires decisions besides the content of label: Application of labels, routing of packages

Timing is also a critical factor: While throughput of a packaging line might look small compared to a high speed printer, response time to label request should be minimal, because it part of the critical path on most of the systems. LPSNG addresses this issue by pre rendering of labels (if possible).


LPSNG creates device independent PDFs or bitmaps so the printer intelligence needed is minimal. This also eases using different printers sometime in the future.


We can supply data about generated labels (like text and barcode values and it's position on the label) to vision systems for quality control. LPSNG can display vision system supplied images for verification.

Project Integration

Most projects in packaging will require some form or project specific development, because different (and non standard) device interfaces need to be supported.

Our modular system design makes integrating of new device interface quite simple.

The system is build based on Python/Twisted


Sometimes information from different sources are combined on a label (like weight and price).

LPSNG support this by allowing you to define a Python script that can modify any field printed on the label.

Use Cases


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